DOUBLE 60 #1: Classic 60g, Chipotle 60g, & Chipotle 30g - $20.18 shipped - SOLD OUT

Regular price $20.18

1 x 60g - Classic Jerky

1 x 60g - Chipotle Adobo Jerky

1 x 30g - Chipotle Adobo Jerky EARLY BIRD BONUS!

First in, best dressed with this one, only limited numbers at this price!

NEW YEAR RUNOUT SALE! New Jerky, Previous Pack Design, everything must go!

Time rolls on, and we've updated our packet design for 2018, so I want to move our original designs out the door, so we've packed the latest jerky into the original bags and selling it for 1c for each year BC. That's 2018 cents, baby!

These aren't old packs, just old sticker designs that I wanna clear out, so get a tasty bargain with our classic design, while stocks last!